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Chiropractic radiology consultation service

Chiropractic radiology consultation service

Chiropractic radiology consultation serviceChiropractic radiology consultation serviceChiropractic radiology consultation service



PIC no longer bills Health insurance, Workers Compensation, Medicaid or Medicare for the primary interpretation fee for new clients.  

For these  patients, we have different billing options available, including: 

(1) Patients pay PIC or the Dr's Office 


(2) Bill the Referring Clinic for our Services.  

  • However, we still bill Personal Injury (PI) cases for the primary interpretation fee. (details below).


Patients pay for a second opinion fee.  Fee can be paid via credit/debit card with billing  information submitted to PIC via fax or secure email.    For patients paying with cash or check only, the patient will pay the doctor's office and PIC will bill the doctor.  Please note that patients covered by Workers Compensation and Medicaid are not required to pay and PIC will bill the referring doctor  for our services.


For personal injury cases, PIC will bill the auto insurance carrier and / or the attorney of record for the primary interpretation (using the -26 modifier)  of radiographic studies. Referring doctor should bill the technical component (-TC modifier) in these cases.  Payment expected upon settlement of the case.


If doctors choose to be billed for our services, we offer significant discounted rate for those who send on a regular/full-time basis.   Discounted rates depend on mutliple factors, including the average number of patients sent, average number of body areas per patient and whether the office has digital or regular (hard) films.  Rates as low as $15 per patient (x-rays only).  

Furthermore, we also offer the option of a SINGLE /RETAINER TYPE MONTHLY FEE. The single fee/retainer is a single fee, billed monthly to referring office, to read all x-ray studies generated by that office during the previous month.